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about us

Bardoli is a historical place situated on the banks of the river Mindhola. Bardoli is the Karm-Bhoomi of the iron man Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel. The people of Bardoli are bold, courageous and generous. Bardoli is knlown for itís co-operative and social activities. It is a our great tradition to finish the every Herculean task undertaken. Shree Navyug Prajapati Samaj was set up with this spirit.  

The people of Prajapati community of Bardoli and surrounding area got-to-gather to form an organization with a noble cause to uplift the educational and the social level of the community.

In the year 1989, a community building (wadi) was built to facilitate marriage ceremonies and cultural activities for the prajapati samaj. It also provides a comfortable boarding to NRIs  when they visit India for few days.

Then a meeting was held on Swami Muktananda Hall at the J. M. Patel High School, Bardoli and  a new organization  ďShree Navyug  Prajapati  Samaj, Bardoli" was set up.  Itís first meeting was held in the Govinda Ashram Bardoli on 18th Feb 1990. The organization was registered as public trust with registration number A/ 2388/Surat.

On 24th April 1991, during the annual audit meeting, a resolution was passed to purchase a land for the organization. With the blessings of the God the construction work of the Wadi began on a plot of  a  4823.75 Sq.Feet, situated at the heart of the Bardoli town on 12th December, 1993.

A donation of  Rs.12,46,056/- was received from Shri Surat  Prajapati Union, Nairobi. The donation was brought by Late Shri. Kanjibhai Jagabhai Mistry.

foundation stone

On 17th October, 1994 foundation stone was laid by Late Shri Parsottambhai a/s Chhanabhai Lalabhai Prajapati from Kadod. With the help, co-operation and hard work of the caste fellows and active members, a spacious Sanskrutik Bhavan was ready It is a matter of great pride for the whole Prajapati community.

Late Shri Parsottambhai a/s Chhanabhai Lalabhai Prajapati performing KHAT MUHARAT of Sanskrutik Bhawan.


Shri Ashokbhai Naranbhai Mistry and his wife Gitanen Ashokbhai Mistry performing puja.


Late Shri Gopalbhai Jivanbhai Mistry and his wife Smt Jasuben Gopalbhai Mistry doing Satyanaran Puja and Ohm Yagya at Sanskrutik Bhawan.


The Sansktutik Bhavan was inaugurated by Late Shri Kanjibhai J. Mistry (U.K.) on the auspicious day of 2nd Februrary, 1998.

Late Shri Kanjibhai J. Mistry inaugurating Sanskrutik Bhawan.



President Shri Naranbhai Thakorbhai Lad doing the honor to Shri Kanjibhai J. Mistry.



The Prajapti community will be indebted forever to the the leaders and active members of the Prajapati Samaj. The Prajapate Samaj is thankful to its founder president Shree Naranbhai Thakorbhai Lad, Secretary Shri Shankarbhai Chhaganbhai Mistry, Assistant Secretary Shri Manharbhai Vanmalibhai Prajapati, Vice-President & President of construction committee Late Shri Gopalbhai Jivanjibhai Mistry and Treasurer Shri Mohanbhai Vitthalbhai Mistry.

Prajapati Samaj will never forget the supports of Late Shri Dahyabhai Durlabhbhai Prajapati (Madhi), Shri Maganbhai Ranchodbhai Mistry (Sarbhon) and Shri Vallabhbhai Zaverbhai Lad (Bajipura).

Prajapati Samaj is also express its sincere thanks to Shri Mohanbhai Lallubhai Mistry, Puni (U.K.), who has been our prime donor. He donated Rs. 450000. Shri Chaganbhai Dhanjibhai Mistry, Digash, Shri Keshavbhai Becharbhai Mistry, Sejvad (U.K.), Shri Manilal Ratanjibhai Mistry, Sarbhon (U.K.), Shri Ishavarbhai Nagainbhai Prajapati, Buhari (U.K.), Shri Paragbhai Rambhai Mistry, Kumbharfaliya (U.K.), Shri Nathubhai Naranbhai Lad, Sarbhon (U.K.), Shri Jagjivan Narottambhai Mistry,Vageshwar (U.k.), who may be thousands of miles away physically but by heart they are very close to Prajapati Samaj.

The Vice President and The President of construction committee  Late Shri Gopalbhai Jivanbhai Mistry & commite member Shri Bhagubhai Chitubhi Mistry  went to London on their own cost and brought collected huge donations. Hearty thanks to them.

We should not forget the whole-hearted efforts of Shri Natvarbhai Dayalji Mistry (Ahemdabad), Shri Pramodbhai Lallubhai Mistry (Vadodara), Shri Thakobhai Dahyabhai Mistry (Vadodara), Shri Ganpatbhai Jivanbhai Jariwala (Mumbai), Shri Govindbhai Mistry (Malad), Shri Narottambhai Sukhabhai Mistry (Surat), Shri Amrutbhai Bhagabhai Mistry, Shri Nagarbahi Ranchodbhai Lad (Kim), Shri Ishwarbhai Bhikhabhai Lad (Bardoli) for raising funds for Wadi.

Prajapati Samaj is also recognize the great contribution of the leader who have been serving the community with great dedication and zeal. Some of them are Shri Balubhai Parsottambhai Intwala (Kadod), Shri Maganbhai Hirabhai  Lad of Mandavi , Shri Dalpatbhai Naranbhai Mistry of Digash, Shri Paragbhai Somabhai Mistry (Sarbhon), Late Shri Uttambhai Lalbhai Mistry, Shri Bhagubhai Chhitubhai Mistry (Sejwad), Shri Bharatbhai Ishavarbhai Mistry (Bardoli ), Shri Govindbhai Parbhubhai Prajapati (Bardoli), Shri Maganbhai Lalabhai Prajapati (Bardoli). Shri Navinchandra Vallabhbhai Lad (Bardoli), Shri Bhikhubhai Bhagabhai Intwala (Bardoli), Shri Chhaganbhai Kunvarjibhai Mistry, Dhamdod (Lumbha), Architect Shri Chandrakant P. Lad,  Shree Manoj P. Lad & contractor Shri Chandrakant Babubhai Lad (Kadod).

We would also express our heartiest gratitude to our honorable immediate past president Shri Naranbhai Thakorbhai Lad and their dedicated team, secretary and trustees for their whole heartedly effort to take off the Shree Navyug Prajapati Samaj Bardoli.

We would like to thank Shri Dineshbhai Kunvarjibhai Mistry who has been giving his services since 1990 till today doing very good efforts to collect funds. At present he is the President of Mass Community Marriages Committee (Samuh Lagna Samiti) and Chairman of Shree Navyug Prajapati Samaj Bardoli for our new project.

At last but not least our sincere thanks goes to Shri Balubhai Pursottambhai Prajapati, who is the President of Surat Jilla Prajapati Samaj and Chairman of Shree Navyug Prajapati Samaj Bardoli for our new project.




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